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Our Services

Full Time Christian Community School includes
- 4 half days with a certified teacher 
- 4 half days utilizing a certified tutor or attending specials in and around the community
- A feeling of home schooling, as the parent helps choose and guide curriculum
- Field trips arranged on many Fridays
- Access to 10+ enrichment classes in the community
- Best for: Families who have a parent at home most days, who either want more structure than home school or more flexibility / individual attention than traditional school.
- Good for: Students who need or enjoy alternative pacing, hands-on learning, authentic assessments
- Please see our "academic" link for more information
Homeschool Evaluations
- Can take place through email, Skype, or in person.
Information on other local programs
- Extensive knowledge on local private school
- Some knowledge of charter and public schools in the area
- Extensive knowledge of the local homeschool Christian community
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