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High School, Grades 8-12


At Educational Harbor, we encourage teens to think outside the box. Students are encouraged to participate in local internships within the community.

Class Schedule:

Mon-Thurs 9:00am-2:45pm

Fridays are half days 9:00am-12:30pm

This allows students the flexibility to take courses outside of Educational Harbor as well as hold a job that they can work on Fridays.

Students have many after school enrichment programs and tutoring sessions that are available by sign up in the afternoons, including art, PE, STEM, robotics, martial arts, baking, archery, butterfly raising, and gardening.

They can also pursue independent interests for credit. For example, some outdoor activities are a half credit and can be obtained with a variety of independent activities such as fishing, disc golf, and other recreational activities. 

Our high school is exposed to Christian apologetics and character development through Bible stories. Our curriculum comes from a Christian worldview. Here is a list of the books we used or will use this year: 

Apologia for Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Marine Biology, Physics)

BJU Press (Earth/Space Science) 

Abeka (All math) 

Notgrass (History) 

Masterbooks (History and Science)

Constitutional Literacy (specifically Government)

PACE (specifically Economics)

Lifepac (specifically Health and Finance)

A variety of authentic literature, both classic and modern 

We typically supplement with the following programs: 

Crash Course (History / Science) on YouTube

The Great War (specifically WW1) on YouTube

A variety of movies like historical fiction and adaptations of literary works

A variety of board games that model history, economics, and science 

Kahoot and Quizzlet 

Kutasoftware and IXL (math extensions) 

Math U See and Teaching Textbooks (to reteach math concepts if necessary)

Classes will be similar to college in that students will focus on 3 classes in the fall and 3 in the spring. Other outside choices include Sign Language,

Students will need to complete 135 hours of work to obtain credit. This includes assigned work, which can be completed at home or in academic enrichment with tutoring.

High School tuition and fees: $7,650. 


All class sizes are capped at 12 students, with most being 8-10 students. This means your student will have access to individualized attention. Students may register with Educational Harbor as a private school or may be a home school student and take any number of classes a la carte.

For enrollment information, 

refer to the admissions tab

Students at Ed Harbor can also dual enroll at South College of Florida (and we are working on Manatee Technical as well) 

Please email, to request tuition prices for the full tuition fee schedule. 

Students may also participate in the sports teams of their local high school since we are not large enough to have our own.

Some of our students are working toward the Congressional Award! See more information here: 

Our Graduation requirements are listed below by degree program: Check it out! You'll notice that students are required to take two credits of Bible study and one credit of Home Economics. We want our students to be ready to take on the world with God in their hearts! 

We accept the following scholarships:

FTC, Family Empowerment Scholarship FES-EO and FES-UA

Our high school participates in S.H.A.R.E. Bradenton for activities such as field trips, prom and graduation.

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