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Our Mission in Action

How does Educational Harbor put their mission into action?

Our mission is to provide quality Christian education that is individualized, research-based, and community-driven.

How are we trying to accomplish this to the best of our ability? Check out the beginning of our School Improvement Plan!  <---- download it here

Quality Christian Education

We use a variety of time-tested Christian curriculum including, but not limited to: Masterbooks, Abeka, Apologia, and Institute for Excellence in Writing. We carefully select secular curriculum when there is not a Christian counterpart available. One example of this is the Dianne Craft program, which is made specifically for students who are struggling with academics. Another example is IXL, which we use for the online practice math component only.

Our final product is summarized in the Five Tenets

Individualized Education

We individualize our students’ experiences in a number of ways: allowing them to choose their enrichment classes, allowing them to have a variety of Friday activities from which to choose, and we adjust curriculum and pacing for students when necessary. Our high schoolers are not all following the same degree path, and we often adjust curriculum and pacing to suit the needs of the students (without sacrificing quality or rigor).

Research-Based Education

We have a research page on our web site:  which gives examples of research that we used to craft our program. This is not the ONLY research we’ve used, it is just a sampling.



There are many aspects of the community that help our program be the best it can be, and we are always looking for new ways to connect with our community. We’ve had guest speakers such as the Reptile Guy, visiting adventures such as Stealth Mobile Laser Tag, community field trips and partnerships. We are partnered with SHARE Bradenton homeschool group to give our kids more field trip opportunities. We are also partnered with Circle Christian Arts Academy, which offers Christian fine arts programming that we are too small to offer.

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