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Lower Elementary , Grades K-3

Class Schedule:

Mon-Thurs 9:00am-2:45pm

Fridays 9:00am-12:30pm

Additional after school enrichment programs and tutoring sessions are available by signing up


Students have many choices in the afternoons including art, PE, STEM, robotics, baking.

Students can additionally supplement their education through our field trips, after school enrichment programs, tutoring and more!


Research shows that young kids who have many opportunities to play accomplish more in later years. In Finland, students do not start formal education until age 7 and are given many years of free play and nature play to prepare them for academics in 2nd grade.

Our Early Elementary program is a mash up of hands-on activities, experiments, and classical education. In this class, you will see students playing.


We are NOT a rigorous academic program - on purpose.

We do not offer VPK. 

We DO offer older students (or students who are ready) access to a tutor to support a budding reader, mathematician, or writer. We DO teach to mastery - helping students to master a task or skill before moving on.


This might mean that your student may not finish their curriculum over the course of the year. This is OK in the younger grades. We want them to be comfortable and master the topics. 

You will also see things like Bible stories and scripture, circle time, hands-on science, songs that are rich with information, counting and skip counting, art education, and more. The teacher also follows student interest. For example, if your student loves trucks, the teacher will bring in books and activities related to trucks. With only 8-10 students, we are able to do this.

Our main goal at this age is for students to LOVE school.

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