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Special Education

A note for families whose students have an IEP or 504 document:

Not all teachers at Educational Harbor Christian hold Special Education degrees. HOWEVER, our program naturally lends itself to certain accommodations. We also spend extensive time researching strategies and utilizing an array of tools to help our diverse student population. Here are some accommodations we currently have:

* Classes of 10-12 students or less

* A certified tutor to work with struggling students

* A variety of curriculum to draw from

* Access to technology and apps to assist students

* Use of right brain strategies as taught by Dianne Craft: 

Here are some examples of disabilities with which we have experience:

* Dyslexia


* Dysgraphia

* Asperger syndrome

* High functioning Autism

* Audio Processing Disorder

* Sensory Processing Disorder

* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

We currently cannot accommodate students with:

* severe Autism

* Down's syndrome - possibly if the student is high functioning

* Visual impairments

* Emotional / Behavioral Disorder

* Oppositional Defiant Disorder

*Private schools cannot write IEP or 504 documents. Instead, we write a "Service Learning Plan" to outline the student's needs. When your student goes to college, parents create a portfolio of diagnoses along with our Service Learning Plans and progress reports / report cards. Colleges then work with the parents to figure out a course of action.

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