Welcome to Educational Harbor,

Since we are such a tight-knit community, here is our application process:

1) Read through the web site and familiarize yourself with our mission, goals, schedules, and set-up. Feel free to e-mail me to get more information!

2) Fill out an application at www.educationalharbor.com/stu-application 

High schoolers should additionally fill out the application at www.educationalharbor.com/hs-application.


Note: We do not accept students who have more than 8 high school credits, are higher than "sophomore status," or older than 15 years old. Also, at this time, we are unable to support students who are more than 2 years behind their "age grade" - the grade that corresponds to their age, and students who have disruptive behavioral challenges. We are not a "best fit" for those students. 

3) We will set up a meeting with a member of the admissions team, or you can attend an open house. We will also contact your child's current teacher to fill out a "reference letter," obtain report cards, and current academic standing. 

4) Ms. Tina will set up a "shadow day" for your student to attend and see if they are a good fit for our school. At this time, your student will have a placement test to determine what assistance they will need, if any.

5) Administration will meet to determine if Educational Harbor can meet the needs of your student. 

6) While you are waiting, if you intend to pay with scholarship, make sure you've filed the correct paperwork with Step Up for Students. If you are unsure of how to do this, one of our admissions team can point you in the right direction. 

Scholarships can be applied for at 


Here is another scholarship organization: 

Florida Parents - AAA Scholarship Foundation (aaascholarships.org)

The disability scholarship is called FES-UA

The income-based scholarship is called FES-EO 

Our admissions team: Ms. Stacey Mayo, Ms. Stephanie Powers, Ms. Tina Donnelly, and your student's potential teacher.

I can't wait to meet you!

Stacey Mayo, M.Ed

Director, Lead Teacher





To request more information:

Contact Tina Donnelly, Admissions

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm

941-842-3427, option 2

You can also request more information with this form:

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