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Real-World Learning

Creating, building, and problem solving are in the forefront of our program.

Long before Governor DeSantis signed legislation mandating personal finance for high school, Educational Harbor was already mandating Personal Finance and Personal Social and Family relationships as graduation requirements for our high school. We use a number of best-selling books to guide students to making good decisions with money, how to build relationships, and how to maintain relationships when they inevitably get off course. Also, since 2022, we have been working on building our leadership development program, inviting motivational speakers from around the state of Florida to speak with our kids, parents and leaders from the community hold mock interviews, and the addition of the Junior Achievement program with Biztown starting in the fall of 2024. We also encourage students to start their own businesses by holding an annual "Makers Market" and inviting them to plan and execute events and fund raisers on campus.

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