Week 3 Jan 19-21

Updated: Feb 1

Tuesday, Jan 19

Take a look at my response example here: Example Response

Write your own response to the chapter about rain, including a pop culture example. Post this in the discussion board below. It should have a summary of the chapter, details, explanations, and at least one example. Minimum of 7 sentences.

Wednesday, Jan 20

Write in the discussion board below. Be sure to add that it is Tuesday's response. Summarize chapters 7 and 8 of Sister Raven and tie it to something you've learned in "How to Read Literature Like a Professor." Minimum of 5 sentences.

Thursday, Jan 21

Write in the discussion board below. Be sure to add that it is Wednesday's response. Why, do you think, are they ravens? Why aren't they blue birds? Are they important to Native American culture? Spend some time researching the significance of ravens in literature. Minimum of 5 sentences. Include the web site you used.

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