Week 5: Feb 1-4

Updated: Feb 1

Follow the power point assignments.

Discussion 1: Pick a story (movie or book) with flight in it. What do you think it means? Here's an example response from Ms. Stacey:

In Maximum Ride, flight is used a means of escape. Mazimum Ride is a series of books for young adults by James Patterson. Max is a girl who has wings scientifically grafted onto her body. She, and her "siblings," were science experiments and they were transformed into flying chimeras. They use these wings to escape the scientists who might otherwise treat them like animals, testing on them inhumanely. Her wings are her freedom a society that would treat her like an animal.

Discussion 2: Interpret a drowning or swim. Pick an examples of swimming or almost drowning in a book or movie. Analyze how you think the character changed.

Here's my example;

In Aladdin, there is a scene where Jafar throws Aladdin into the ocean, chained to a chair. During this time, he becomes unconscious and Genie has to rescue him. At first, I thought that a part of Aladdin dies during this time, namely his lie of being Prince Ali. He almost confesses that he is Aladdin shortly after this instance. Instead, he doubles down on the lie and it takes a second baptism of snow to wash away the full lie. The first baptism, therefore, he uses as an opportunity to try and kill off his true self - that of Aladdin the street urchin. The second time, when he is thrown into a snowy landscape, is when the lie is completely washed away and all that is left is Aladdin. He has no choice but to come clean to Jasmine and her father. There is a common phrase called "baptism by fire," but in this case, Aladdin has a baptism by snow.

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