Week 4: Jan 25-28

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Week four discussion posts will be here

Discussion 1: Violence in your story. After reading through the power point and watching the review video, comment on violence in the book you are reading - either Sister Raven or The Alchemist. Is the violence intimate or not? What kind of violence is it? The response should be 5-8 sentences and include specific examples or quotes from text. Be sure to check your capitalization and punctuation.

Discussion 2: Symbolism and Allegory. After reading through the power point and watching the review video on symbolism (at the bottom of this site: Vid: Symbolism), discuss the use of symbolism in your book - Sister Raven or The Alchemist. There is more specific directions on the power point.

Reply 1: Respond to someone else's discussion post by calling them out. The response needs to be 2-3 good sentences that either expand on what that person is thinking, a related example, and/or a question about their post.

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