Enrichment Courses for the Homeschool Community

Educational Harbor offers a variety of enrichment courses that are open to the homeschool community. Our classes are Christian in nature, providing a safe, loving environment for our students. We do fill our classes first with Ed Harbor students, but remaining spots are open up to 12 students per class. 
Elementary / Middle School Specials: 

We offer a variety of enrichment classes including, but not limited to art, P.E., crafting, gardening, theater, and more. 

Middle / High School Specials (High School Credit can be given to students in grades 7 and up): High School classes are supposed to be around 135 hours, so expect homework. Expect to say to 3:30 to help clean up. 
For more information, please email us at edharbor2015@gmail.com or text the Ed Harbor line at 941-842-3472