Day 1: p. 9-12

Day 2: p. 13-14

Day 3: p. 15-19

Day 4: 20-25


Day 1: Crash Course World History: Ancient Mesopotamia

Day 2: Overview: Daniel

Day 3: A video about the code of Hammurabi

Day 4: None, just reading


Go to the discussion board

and choose TWO of the assignments to do this week.

Respond to ONE other person


Answer this 10 question multiple choice quiz about the first two chapters

Week 1


Day 1: P. 27-31

Day 2: p. 35-39

Day 3: 40-43

Day 4: p. 48-50


Day 1: Overview: Exodus (both parts)

Day 2: Patterns of evidence: Exodus (30 min)

Day 3: Overly Sarcastic Productions: Egypt

Day 4: Cleopatra


Choose two of the following assignments:

1) p. 33

2) p. 39

3)  P. 40

4) 47

5) 48

Respond in an extended paragraph using information from the text.


What was the most interesting part of these two weeks of information? Create a 3 slide power point or mini poster on what you found most interesting. See the rubric here: RUBRIC

Week 2

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